Domestic Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning, Kitchen cleaning, Laundry washing, Laundry ironing, Floor care, Ceiling cleaning, Window washing, before and after event cleaning

Land Scaping

Waste removal and sorting, Tree planting, Pool cleaning and maintenance, Grass cutting, Right round, yard cleaning, Plant watering Etc

Corporate Cleaning

Daily office cleaning, Floor cleaning, Waste sorting and removal, Window washing, Toilet cleaning, Hallway cleaning, Staircase cleaning, Parking lot cleaning, Ceiling cleaning Etc.

Industry Cleaning

Office Cleaning, Shower cleaning, Toilet cleaning, Cold rooms cleaning, Loading Bay cleaning, Parking lot cleaning, Construction site cleaning, Waste removal, Before and after event cleaning., Warehouse cleaning, Etc.

High Window Cleaning

Window washing, Window frames maintenance, Window seal cleaning


Carpet cleaning, Dining hall cleaning, Classroom Cleaning, Hostel cleaning, Floor cleaning, Change rooms cleaning, Shower cleaning, Daily office cleaning, Etc